Mind full vs Mindful

Which one are you? Aim to be Mindful and connect with the moments in your day. We may never get some of those moments back and with a head overloaded you will miss the best moments. Your mind can only hold so much and you want it to hold what’s happening 🌎 This picture honestly […]

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Walking day 2

So again today I went walking to try and relax my brain and to stop overthinking. Here are the pictures: Does anyone else find walking in the evening extremely therapeutic? I have even stopped listening to music and I have concentrated on everything around me and my breathing. The world is such a beautiful place […]

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Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve wrote a blog post. I’ve recently been suffering from anxiety, I say recent I have for a long time but it’s only now I notice it. It was easy throughout university to carry on and forget about it but now I’m out in the real world it […]

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Guess who’s back??

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve not been active on my blog for a while but I thought to get me back into the swing I would post you some outfits I’ve wore recently and where I purchased the items as I know many people like those posts! bodysuit: was from Portugal! But I’m sure you can […]

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